Masters of the Piano

Liz Story is an American pianist and composer known for her contributions to contemporary instrumental and new age music. Here is an overview of her life and musical career:

E arly Life and Education:

Liz Story was born on October 28, 1956, in San Diego, California.

Musical Education: 
She received her formal musical education at Juilliard School in New York City, where she studied under the tutelage of renowned piano teacher Rosina Lhévinne.

Musical Career:

Solo Career: 
Liz Story gained prominence as a solo pianist, specializing in instrumental music that often falls within the new age and contemporary instrumental genres.

Windham Hill Records: 
She became associated with Windham Hill Records, a label known for its roster of new age and instrumental artists. Her association with the label began in the early 1980s, and she released several albums under Windham Hill.

Album Releases: 

Some of Liz Story's notable albums include "Solid Colors" (1983), "Unaccountable Effect" (1985), and "Escape of the Circus Ponies" (1989). Her music is characterized by its melodic and emotive qualities, often showcasing her skills in both composition and performance.

C ollaborations: 
In addition to her solo work, Liz Story has collaborated with other artists. She has contributed to collaborative albums and participated in projects that explore the intersections of various musical styles.

Style and Influences:

Piano Style: 
Liz Story's piano style is characterized by its expressive and melodic nature. She often combines classical techniques with contemporary sensibilities, creating music that is accessible to a broad audience.

While rooted in classical training, Story's influences extend to various genres, including jazz and popular music. Her eclectic musical background is reflected in the diversity of her compositions.

Notable Achievements:Grammy Awards: 
Liz Story received a Grammy Award in 1994 for her contribution to the album "Windham Hill: The First Ten Years," which won in the category of Best New Age Album.

She has been recognized for her contributions to the contemporary instrumental genre and is considered one of the influential artists associated with the new age music movement.

Liz Story's legacy lies in her ability to bridge classical, contemporary, and new age music, creating a unique and accessible sound that has resonated with a diverse audience. Her contributions to the genre, particularly during her association with Windham Hill Records, have left an indelible mark on the landscape of instrumental music. Her work continues to be appreciated by listeners seeking emotive and contemplative piano compositions.