Scapes - An Exercise in Extreme Bucket List-ology

Queenscliff, Manly, Australia, original cover art for "Scapes" by Zane Hrynewich

I  have three loves in my life - my family, music and photography. My family has and will always continue to inspire me, motivate me, and fill my life with love and joy. Through music, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with literally thousands of amazingly talented boys, girls, men and women over the years. I have had an off and on love affair with photography since the early 1970's, economics and lack of time often dictating my participation in this pursuit.

I stopped chasing the dream of becoming a recording artist and/or a professional photographer many years ago, but I have always been interested in learning to sculpt with sound and working with images. Advances in digital recording technology over the last decade have resulted in home recording studios capable of producing high-quality tracks. This has revolutionized the world of sound design. The same can be said for digital photography, as technology makes the creation and manipulation of images easier and easier every day.

The Music



The Inspiration

A Child is Born

"A Child is Born", original music & image by Zane Hrynewich

Every second of every day, A Child is Born. To me, this image symbolizes the deep relationship between old life (the tree) and new life (the sprout). Neither would be whole without the other.

This tree lives near the ocean in Manly, Australia. It sits inconspicuously tucked away, against a brick wall. There are probably billions of trees out there that are more interesting than this one, but, as I walked past it, I felt oddly drawn to it. 

I love trees and often find myself wondering what things each has witnessed over the years. I created the music for "A Child is Born", not to specifically suggest the image of this tree, but to portray my wonderment at its beauty, the life it has lead and the new life it has created.